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By providing safe, nutritious and delicious products to enhance the quality of life of consumers, we will lead the advancement of agricultural planting and food science with technological innovation, and always protect and improve the ecological environment for the benefit of future generations.
Our mission
Establish a brand and become the most well-known and trusted enterprise in the edible fungus industry;
Xingnong Hui Nong, Jin Zhun out of poverty, promote the development of circular economy and agricultural modernization;
Steady growth, for the continuous growth of enterprises and the great development of the local economy;
Breeding and retention, paying attention to the value of employees, and achieving the common growth of employees and enterprises.
Business philosophy
Responsibility to achieve brand, technical achievement market.
Responsible for health based on honesty.
With scientific production technology and high-quality products as the core competitiveness.
Social value
While bringing high-quality products to consumers, promoting agriculture and benefiting the environment has always been the constant pursuit of Jinhai people.

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